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PMI Certification Training Online (cont.)

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Chapter 01
PMP Application and Exam
PMP Application and Exam
How Do I Become A PMP?
Requirements Category 1
Requirements Category 2
Contact Hours
PMP Application
Application Approval
PMP Exam Overview
PMP Exam Breakdown
PMP Exam Score and Fees
PMP Exam Emphasis
Chapter 02
Types of Exam Questions
Types of Exam Questions
Two Right Answers
Situational Questions
Extraneous Information
Understanding vs. Memorization
Recurring Themes
More PMI'isms
Why People Fail
Chapter 03
Organizations and Project Management
Organizations and Project Management
Differentiation vs. Integration
The Functional Organization
Functional Organization Chart
Potential Advantages of a Functional Organization
Potential Issues with a Functional Organization
Projectized Organization
Potential Advantages of a Projectized Organization
Potential Issues with a Projectized Organization
The Matrix Organization
A Weak Matrix Organization
A Balanced Matrix Organization
A Strong Matrix Organization
Potential Advantages of a Matrix Organization
Potential Issues with a Matrix Organization
Organizational Structures
Chapter 04
The Basics of Project Management
What is Project Management?
The Basics of PM
Key Terms
"It's all about managing six things. It's simple really..."
PMBOK Guide Knowledge Areas
Nine Knowledge Areas Extended
Inputs, Tools and Techniques, Outputs
Nine Knowledge Areas
Plan, Do, Check, Act
Project Boundaries
The Process Groups & Knowledge Areas Combined
Chapter 05
Project Integration Management
Integration Management
Integration Management
Develop Project Charter
Develop Project Charter
The Business Case
Develop Project Management Plan
Project Management Plan
The Project Management Plan Can Also Include
Direct & Manage Project Execution
Monitor & Control Project Work
Perform Integrated Change Control
Close Project or Phase
Chapter 06
Project Scope Management
Scope Management
The Product vs. Project Scope
Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Create WBS
Components of the WBS
Effective WBS's
Create WBS (cont.)
Verify Scope
Control Scope
Chapter 07
Project Time Management
Time Management
Time Management
Define Activities
Rolling Wave Planning
Define Activities (cont.)
Sequence Activities
Conditional Diagramming
Types of Dependencies
Other Terms
Sequence Activities (cont.)
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
Estimating Activity Duration
Develop Schedule
The Critical Path Method
Resource Leveling
Critical Chain Method
Develop Schedule (cont.)
Control Schedule
Chapter 08
Project Cost Management
Cost Management
Estimate Costs Cost Management (cont.)
Determine Budget
Accounting Terms
Determine Budget (cont.)
Funding Requirements
Control Costs
Cumulative Cost Curve
In Alphabetical Order
Forecasting - ETC
Forecasting - EAC
Forecasting - TCPI
Chapter 09
Project Quality Management
Quality Management
Key Terms
Quality Management (cont.)
Thought Leaders
Plan Quality
Cost of Quality
In Control/Specification Limits
Design of Experiments (DOE)
Statistical Sampling Terms
Statistical Terms
Statistical Example
Perform Quality Assurance
Perform Quality Control
Cause and Effect Diagram
Pareto Diagrams
Run Charts
Chapter 10
Project Human Resource Management
Project Human Resource Management
The Processes that Organize and Manage the Project Team
Develop Human Resource Plan
Organization Chart
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
McGregor's Theory of X and Y
Hertzberg's Theory
Theory Z
Human Resource Plan
Acquire Project Team
Develop Project Team
Manage Project Team
Human Resource Management
Leadership Styles
Theories of Management Style
Sources of Power
Chapter 11
Project Communications Management
Communications Management
Communications Terms
The Communication Model
Identify Stakeholders
Plan Communications
Communications Management (cont.)
The Communications Management Plan
Distribute Information
Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Report Performance
Performance Reports
Chapter 12
Project Risk Management
Risk Management
Types of Risks
Key Terms
Plan Risk Management
Included in the Risk Management Plan
Sample RBS
Scales for Impact and Probability
Sample Impact Matrix
Identlfy Risks
Tools & Techniques
The Risk Register
Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Probability & Impact Matrix
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Data Modeling
Expected Monetary Value (EMV)
Decision Tree Analysis
Risk Management (cont.)
Plan Risk Responses
Response Strategies
Risk Register Updates
Monitor & Control Risks
Results of Risk Monitoring & Control
Chapter 13
Project Procurement Management
Procurement Management
Plan Procurements
Definition of a Contract
Procurement Management Plan
Conduct Procurements
Source Selection Criteria
Administer Procurements
Close Procurements
Negotiate Settlements
Close Procurements (cont.)
Chapter 14
Professional Responsibility. Final Exam.
Professional Responsibility
Duty to the Profession
Scope & Estimates
Above All Else
PMP Exam Prep - Final Exam