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RTEK 2000's ITIL Enterprise Platform will provide RTEK students with access to ITIL exam practice content developed exclusively by certified trainers and test writers.

Here are the top five management-level certifications
with the highest average salaries (taken from a salary survey):
  1. ITIL Service Manager = $103,900
  2. ITIL Practitioner = $103,700
  3. CISSP = $103,500
  4. Project Management Professional = $103,100
  5. ITIL Foundation = $98,900
RTEK 2000's Professional Grade ITIL Prime Platform will provide students with access to ITIL exam practice content developed exclusively by certified trainers and test writers.

ITIL Exam Simulation Service for only $47.00! You get online version of ITIL Prime's exam preparation, web-based platform with unlimited online access to:
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90 days subscription for online access to the entire PMP Certification Simulation Platform

 Subscription Details and Screenshots

RTEK 2000's exceptionally realistic exam simulator and corresponding test content will provide students with the most faithful representation of what you may expect during actual exam with Computer Based Testing (CBT) environment..

 ITIL Exam Prep Student Dashboard
Students quickly understand what ITIL study areas require more focus before taking the real exam; each student is provided with a personalized dashboard citing key scoring metrics upon login to the system.
ITIL exam class

Access multiple ITIL Foundation mock exams and practice tests, with the ability to track your performance.
Personalized Test Menus Which Track Your Progress:

ITIL exam coupon

 ITIL Practice Exams Which Reflect the Real Exam Environment
ITILerfect's test simulator is designed to emulate the real ITIL testing experience directly within a student's web browser, without the need for any additional software downloads or installation. Similar to the actual ITIL exam environment, students may mark questions for review prior to grading, and return to any test question item. In addition, a live timer is included for each practice exam. Multiple ITIL practice tests, comprising hundreds of ITIL questions, provide test takers with a realistic performance assessment.

The following screenshots illustrate actual testing interfaces provided to RTEK students via ITIL Prime Platform.
ITIL Testing

Mark your responses for review later, return to any test question before getting results, and take the test using the same time limits as the real exam.
Screenshot: Mock Exam Question Review Prior to Grading

ITIL Exam review

A scoring report is provided after each ITIL practice test, allowing you to see your strengths and weaknesses by each ITIL knowledge area. You will also be able to review the reasoning behind each ITIL test answer to fully understand which responses are correct.
Screenshot: Personalized Test Menus Which Track Student Progress
ITIL Test results

 Measure Your ITIL Knowledge from Multiple Angles
The personalized My Performance tab will help you focus your ITIL study efforts by analyzing your performance. Each ITIL practice test you take is tracked to give you a summary view of your performance trend over time. Other reports rate your performance by ITIL subject area, and allow you to see details about past ITIL test results.
 Prioritized Member Support
Our goal is to provide you with as much support necessary in benefiting from the ITIL Prime test preparation service. Included with every membership is access to our video tutorials which walk you through each of the features our site has to offer.
In addition, we've included other functions to help you make the most of RTEK 2000 ITIL Prime Platform, including FAQs, prioritized member support, a personalized dashboard, and a snapshot of your account which is always accessible.