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RTEK 2000's CISSPerfect Enterprise Platform will provide you with access to CISSP exam practice content developed exclusively by certified trainers and test writers.

CISSP Exam Simulation Service for only $97.00! Since the preparation for the 6-hr CISSP exam must be thorough, we encourage you to spend enough time for each of 10 domains of CBK. This is a reason behind our decision to offer you 90-days access to the CISSP exam simulation platform.

CISSP Exam Simulation Service for only $97.00! You get online version of CISSP's exam preparation web-based platform with unlimited online access to:
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90 days subscription for online access to the entire CISSP Certification Simulation Platform

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  • RTEK 2000 has developed an entire set of exam preparation tools for users taking the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam.
  • Our CISSP practice exams cover all the domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).
  • RTEK 2000 analyzes member performance and calculates aptitude for each of the CBK domains; allowing you to effectively focus your CISSP studies.