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Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techique. Professional Training in Baltimore MD

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Web Module 308

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This program is intended to train IT professionals who desire to learn about the advanced web marketing technique in order to attract web surfers and turn them to the customers.

Web Marketing is:
Web and search engine marketing is the art and science of achieving high rankings in search engines and directories based on their dynamics and ever changing search algorithms. Search engine marketers use proven techniques, methodologies, technology, software and experience to gain search engine visibility. Search engine marketing starts at understanding the clients target audience and marketing goals.

Web Marketing Is Not:
  • A $29.99 submit to 1000 search engines solution
  • A cut and paste HTML page with meta tags
  • Automated program submission
  • A one size fits all marketing approach;
  • A book and search engine software
  • Re-wording your title, keywords and descriptions

How Users Find Your Website:

Targeted Email 1%
TV Spots 1.2%
By Accident 1.4%
Magazine Ads 2.1
Word Of Mouth 20%
Random Surfing 20%
Search Engines 46%
It is recommended that the students, in addition to user-level experience using Windows - based personal computers, have a basic familiarity with the Internet and HTML coding.

Corporate IT Employees:
     Web Marketing and SEO technique trainingThe Information Technology (IT) professionals who want to acquire new skills or those who want to update their skills learning about advanced design technique.

You get:
  • Highly qualified Instructors with extensive industry experience and excellent teaching skills
  • Printouts from Instructor targeted to specific course objectives
  • Two Web Developer CD disks packed with electronic books, tutorials, and links to technical resources
  • Several study books

Today's biggest technological trend is the overwhelming dominance of marketing over innovation. The days are gone for garage-based startup companies with new technology, no matter how good that technology is. Over the past several years, many garage-based startups like Yahoo!, Excite, and eBay have made investors rich overnight. But these are NOT technology companies. They are incredible marketing machines using established technology. We will teach you the basics of Web Marketing, such as methods to attract more visitors to your Web site. You will discover the secrets of Internet search engines, ways to make money on the Internet, and other advanced tips and tricks. We will also discuss The Copyright Protection options and Law.

Note: RTEK 2000 reserves the right to change the curriculum in response to market demands.

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