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Professional CISSP Exam Preparation
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RTEK 2000's CISSP Enterprise Platform will provide RTEK students with access to CISSP exam practice content developed exclusively by certified trainers and test writers.

Since the preparation for the 6-hr CISSP exam must be thorough, we encourage you to spend enough time for each of 10 domains of CBK. This is a reason behind our decision to offer you 90-days access to the CISSP exam simulation platform.

CISSP Exam Simulation Service for only $97.00! You get online version of CISSP's exam preparation web-based platform with unlimited online access to:
  • Over 730 realistic CISSP exam questions, including 14 condensed CISSP mock exams.
  • Clear explanations for every CISSP exam question detail why answers are correct.
  • Detailed score reports save you time by showing CISSP CBK domains to study.
  • Professional: Prepare for the CISSP exam with realistic practice exams written by experts.
  • Realistic: Unlimited use of our CISSP exam simulator within your subscription term with no software to download.
  • The opportunity to extend the subscription

CISSP exam practice platform  RTEK 2000 offers exam preparation for the CISSP certification exam.
  • RTEK 2000 has developed an entire set of exam preparation tools for users taking the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification exam.
  • Our CISSP practice exams cover all domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).
  • RTEK 2000 analyzes member performance and calculates aptitude for each of the CBK domains; allowing you to effectively focus your CISSP studies.
  • Register Now for CISSP Exam Practice.

CISSP exam practice platform  The CISSP certification is governed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, commonly known as (ISC)², and covers subject matter from the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The CISSP certification is held by more than 60,000 individuals worldwide, and has been an ISO compliant accreditation since 2004.

CISSP exam practice platform  The CISSP certification has become one of the most sought after internationally recognized certifications available. As of 2006, the average salary of a CISSP certified professional is $94,070 annually. The CISSP certification is a globally recognized credential, and must be renewed every three years. The certification can be renewed through Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, or by retaking the CISSP exam.

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 Subscription Details and Screenshots

CISSP exam practice platform  RTEK Student Features
RTEK 2000's exceptionally realistic exam simulator and corresponding test content will provide students with the most faithful representation of what you may expect during actual exam with Computer Based Testing (CBT) environment..

CISSP exam practice platform  CISSP Exam Prep Student Dashboard
Students quickly understand what CISSP study areas require more focus before taking the real exam; each student is provided with a personalized dashboard citing key scoring metrics upon login to the system.

Access multiple CISSP mock exams and practice tests, with the ability to track your performance.

 CISSP Practice Exams Which Reflect the Real Testing Environment
We designed our testing engine to simulate the real CISSP testing experience directly within your web browser with no downloading required. RTEK 2000's test simulator is designed to emulate the real CISSP testing experience directly within a student's web browser, without the need for any additional software downloads or installation.

Similar to the actual CISSP exam environment, students may mark questions for review prior to grading, and return to any test question item. In addition, a live timer is included for each practice exam. Multiple CISSP practice tests, comprising hundreds of CISSP questions, provide test takers with a realistic performance assessment.

CISSP Exam Simulation platform

 Mark your responses for review later, return to any test question before getting results, and take the test using the same time limits as the real exam.

CISSP exam practice platform  A scoring report is provided after each CISSP practice test, allowing you to see your strengths and weaknesses by each CISSP knowledge area. You will also be able to review the reasoning behind each CISSP test answer to fully understand which responses are correct. Detailed explanations for every CISSP test question clarify the reasoning behind each answer, allowing students to fully understand why responses are correct.

Reasons are provided for each CISSP test question response.

CISSP exam practice platform  Measure Your CISSP Knowledge from Multiple Angles. The personalized My Performance tab will help you focus your CISSP study efforts by analyzing your performance. Each CISSP practice test you take is tracked to give you a summary view of your performance trend over time. Other reports rate your performance by CISSP subject area, and allow you to see details about past CISSP test results.

Our goal is to provide you with as much support necessary in benefiting from the CISSPExamPractice test preparation service. Included with every membership is access to our video tutorials which walk you through each of the features our site has to offer. In addition, we've included other functions to help you make the most of CISSP Exam Practice, including FAQs, prioritized member support, a personalized dashboard, and a snapshot of your account which is always accessible.

CISSP exam practice platform  Get all the benefits of membership with RTEK 2000's CISSP Exam Practice now!
FAQ Section

Questions About CISSP Exam Practice
Questions About Your Account
Questions About How we Measure your Performance
Questions About the CISSP Exam

Questions About CISSP Exam Practice

CISSP exam practice platform  What the CISSP practice exam content does RTEK 2000 provides to members?
We represent all 10 domains of the CISSP CBK in our exam content. Your performance will be tracked and analyzed based on the domain areas below, allowing you to pinpoint areas which require more study.
  1. Information Security and Risk Management
  2. Access Control
  3. Security Architecture and Design
  4. Telecommunications and Network Security
  5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
  6. Application Security
  7. Cryptography
  8. Legal, Regulations, Compliance and Investigations
  9. Physical (Environmental) Security
  10. Operations Security
CISSP exam practice platform  Do I need to download or install any special software in order to use CISSP Exam Practice Platform?
No. RTEK 2000's testing engine is designed to work solely with your web browser, without the need for additional downloads, installations or plug-ins.

CISSP exam practice platform  In comparison to the real CISSP exam, how difficult are the questions provided by RTEK 2000?
In an effort to properly prepare test takers, we have attempted to create questions which are slightly more difficult than those one might see on the actual CISSP® exam. In addition, our questions are not purely definitional, but include real world situations from a CISSP® CBK perspective. This is done to emulate the questions one might see on the real CISSP exam.

CISSP exam practice platform  How can I be certain that the test questions and responses created by RTEK 2000 are accurate?
Test questions published on CISSP¬ Exam Practice are created and maintained exclusively for this service by course trainers and CISSP® certified resources who are subject matter experts in this field. All questions, answers, and explanations are reviewed by CISSPExamPractice team members for quality and accuracy before they are published.

CISSP exam practice platform  After I take a practice test, can I print out the questions and answers for offline study?
Yes. After each practice test, you can print out the questions, answers, and explanations.

CISSP exam practice platform  Should I solely rely on RTEK 2000 CISSP Exam Practice Platform to pass the actual CISSP exam?
Although it has been reported by users that CISSP Exam Practice Platform was a critical component of their exam preparation, we recommend acquiring the appropriate study guides and/or courses (see the next tab) in addition to relying on our practice exams for best results.
Because RTEK 2000 identifies your aptitude in each CISSP domain, this information is very beneficial when choosing where to focus your offline studies.

CISSP exam practice platform  Get all the benefits of membership with RTEK 2000's CISSP Exam Practice now!

Questions About Your Account

CISSP exam practice platform  How can I tell when my account will expire?
Once you are logged in to the system, the Main Dashboard will indicate when your account expires. Additionally, the Account Status tab will allow you to see this information as well.

CISSP exam practice platform  What types of payment methods can I use to register for CISSPExamPractice, and is it secure?
Registration is payable using all major credit cards, PayPal, or Money Orders by mail. Additionally, we accept payments regardless of the country of origin. Our payment handling is 100% secure and absolutely no payment information is stored following your registration.

CISSP exam practice platform  I lost my password and am unable to log in to my account. How can I retrieve my login information?
The Forgot Password link (located in the top corner of the screen) will dispatch login information to the email address you registered with RTEK 2000.

Questions About How we Measure your Performance

CISSP exam practice platform  Will I be able to view my performance for each CISSP domain, as well as by each practice test I take?
Yes. Because CISSP Exam Practice Platform tracks question performance for each test and cross references it by CISSP domain area, your results will be calculated on both. You will easily be able to view your real time CISSP knowledge for each domain using the My Performance tab.
When you visit the My Performance tab, the first view you see will be a chronological view of all your test scores. This chart will indicate which CISSP practice tests were taken, in order, and will clearly plot their scores along a graph.

CISSP exam practice platform  Can I view my test taking performance within each domain of the CISSP CBK?
Yes. As you take practice tests, CISSP Exam Practice Platform keeps track of your performance within each domain of the CISSP CBK. At any time, you can review your average performance when presented with specific subject matter, and are even provided with a Knowledge Ranking for each CISSP domain. The lower your Knowledge Ranking, the more study is recommended for a specific domain.

CISSP exam practice platform  If I take the same practice test multiple times, will this be reflected in my performance reports?
All of your completed tests, regardless if they are repeats, will be tracked to give you a chronological performance trend. Additionally, performance measurements will also provide overall averages, as well as individual test taking results, allowing you to view your performance from multiple vantage points.

CISSP exam practice platform  Get all the benefits of membership with RTEK 2000's CISSP Exam Practice now!

Questions About the CISSP Exam

CISSP exam practice platform  What are the eligibility requirements for taking the CISSP exam?
* Work Experience: A minimum of five years security work experience in two or more CISSP domains. (four years with applicable degree or certification)
* Accept the CISSP Code of Ethics and attest to the truth of your professional experience
* Answer four questions regarding criminal history and related background
* Have your qualifications endorsed by another (ISC)² certified professional

CISSP exam practice platform  How is the CISSP exam structured, and what score do I need to pass?
* There are 250 total multiple choice questions which make up the CISSP exam, covering all ten CBK Domains
* Individuals have 6 hours to complete the exam
* The passing grade required is a scale score of 700 out of a possible 1000 points

CISSP exam practice platform  Get all the benefits of membership with RTEK 2000's CISSP Exam Practice now!

Content provided within this site are not endorsed by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)ª or any other organisation
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... and more: CISSP exam practice platform  Benefits of CISSP Certification
  • Formal recognition of your professional expertise and experience.
  • Gain knowledge of the skills, tools, and techniques involved in effective IT security management.
  • Increase your employment prospects.
  • Better compensation for your skills

CISSP exam practice platform  Get all the benefits of membership with RTEK 2000's CISSP Exam Practice now!

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