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 In today's environment every small business owner is facing the question: How can I sell my products or services over the web to increase the revenue? For some business owners this question if a question of company survival if the business depends on the Internet sales only. There are two solutions.
Ask Jane!   The first one is to hire a consultant (or a firm) who is a web guru. The web site that is capable to sell the products/services efficiently, to attract potential buyers, and to keep them as the repeat buyers cannot be designed with FrontPage by the home-grown web designer. The knowledge of multiple web design/development tools, web standards, usability, and web marketing is a MUST.

Keep in mind that it's easy to find web designers but difficult to find someone who really understand the art of promoting your web site. This art incorporates elements of design and coding toward better usability and attractiveness at the same time. The knowledge of specifics of your business is another requirement. Hire our web designers!

  The second one, is to learn these tools and technique and, instead of hiring usually expensive consultant, spend some time to develop the web site by yourself. Who else but you knows better about your business? Do you think it's very difficult to learn? Make no mistake! Just read this testimonial from one of the RTEK 2000 graduates:
"I originally took the course at RTEK 2000 because I was looking to update myself... with present day technology in web design and web development... I liked the idea that there was a school that attempted to integrate the various aspects of web design and web development in a short period of time. I am very glad that I took the RTEK 2000 professional program. I would have never learned to integrate the concepts of Web Design and Web Development at any other school or college because other education programs are not setup nor are they integrated to tie all of the elements together like RTEK 2000's program. This professional program opens up the world of Web Design and Web Development to anyone who is willing to commit themselves to learning. I thank the owners of RTEK 2000 for their innovative approach to educating and preparing individuals for a very exciting career in Web Design and Development. I saw that RTEK 2000 cares about Americans keeping their business here in America. Their program is also fits to those individuals who need a jumpstart in a business, or any one who is interested in the must-desired field of Web Design and Web Development. " Thank you again!" --Elisabeth Kepley

  As you see, our students can find the value of the RTEK 2000 professional education instantly because our training program fits perfectly to current or future small business owners. Since 1999, we have prepared outstanding professionals who use their skills to get more revenue without outside assistance!

What you need in addition to basic Windows skills is persistence and desire.
We offer professional-level training for busy professionals.

Hire our trainers now for on-site training, right in your business, and start building your money-making web site!

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