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  For more than 12 years RTEK 2000 instructors prepared hundreds outstanding professionals conducting in-class training sessions. Since 1993, we have been offering the 7-month professional-grade programs for career changers.

  In 1999, after filling out numerous papers, two of our programs were authorized by State of MD Higher Education Commission. The immediate benefit for those career changers who were unable to pay from their own pocket was the financial assistance program sponsored by the State of MD. Needless to say, we had some number of students who did not pay even 1 cent for their education. Unfortunately, many folks were not responsible enough to attend the lessons and to achieve the goal completing the training program and finding the job. It usually happens when you don't pay your hard-earned money but you got "free lunch" from the taxpayers' pockets. It was a problem because, in the end, the State made our company responsible for someone's failure and irresponsibility.

  As you may assume, when you are having a deal with the government organization, the bureaucracy comes with it next day after you started. We don't have to prove it, just verify the meaning of the word "bureaucracy" in the Word for Windows (part of the Microsoft Office), and you will be surprised to find that the synonym of this word is a "government".

  In our free society, the greatest country with a "freedom" word written in the Constitution, the bureaucrats can write any "rules, codes, or regulations" that basically make you the slave of the government organizations if you want to run a business with them (or being licensed by them). Your rights and business plans are being ignored, your honesty with customers is being considered non-existent (you are presumed to be a thief who wants to steal money from your customers or lie about your product), and the business becomes policed in the tight boundaries when any initiative of flexibility becomes the forgotten word.

  We really regret to inform you that we are no longer offering in-class training **at our facility** but only onsite, at **your** facility. It is pity because our programs were among the best programs offered in the Baltimore/Washington area. The benefits and the results were outstanding. Just read the testimonials form our former students. There are real people who experienced our honesty, dedication, and enjoyment of teaching.

  Receiving the freedom by refusing the State of MD bureaucrats to extend our licensing, we are still limited in offering onsite training only for the corporate employees. Contact us, and will send to your firm the best available trainer for any IT area. If you are the career changer who is looking for a training company to assist you with the training, at least try to follow our suggestions regarding the requirement to the training company you really need to follow if you want your money to be spent wisely. Or, just explore our respected Total Training Solution for home-study. You will save a ton of money! Give us a call for no-obligation advice.


In spite of the problem we indicated above, we designed near the perfect solution for those who wish to learn at home or in the office environment by saving training dollars. Just look at our solution:

I. On-site training at your facility for a group of students (or in Washington, DC at our leased facility)

II. One-to-One training with one of our instructors.

III. Home or Office Study with our outstanding (and heavily discounted!) training packages with video presentations from a live class for Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, ITL, CISSP, PMP, and Oracle certification learning.

IV. Hands-on virtual labs with real-world equipment such as Windows servers, Cisco routers and switches, SharePoint server, Exchange server, Windows 7 workstations, Active Directory, adn much more!

V. Pre-Exam or exam-simulation software: ensure that you are ready for exam!

If you have any comments or questions, we'll be happy to e-mail you back.

We wish you great success in your career!
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