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 Be Aware!
 Speaking of things that achieve no results, have you ever attended or heard about the "jump-jump-and-kick-out" training courses? They snatch your money for 2-3 days of training in advance and charge $300-$400 in daily fees. The classes rush from one topic to another with the speed of light.

 This approach leaves the students feeling insecure and it also neglects the obvious need for practical application. Such purpose and design automatically sets-up the student in these classes for failure. As a consumer, you waste your money and your valuable time, and the results are unacceptable.

All of the expensive, short-term courses aim solely at certification, not at knowledge or practice.  In this industry, only the combination of theoretical and practical knowledge allows you to become a real expert.

 The human brain needs time to fully comprehend information presented in class, especially when it is highly technical. Therefore, the training programs must be designed to allow enough time for studying, practicing, asking questions, and doing homework such as reviewing the learned material and performing some homework assignments.

Otherwise, the student accepts a job and must re-learn everything from the beginning because he/she never applied the knowledge. That is precisely what happened to many of us, and hundreds of other professionals who are finding themselves in a similar situation. Unfortunately, this is AN ORDINARY PROBLEM.

 Don't Be Fooled!

 You may have heard professionals and employers speak about the right combination of certifications (like A+, MCSE, CCNA or CIW) and the guarantee they offer: a job with a nice paycheck. Unfortunately, there are many people who were fooled by the marketing gimmicks of the training organizations. They enrolled in the "quick training programs" or "boot camps" without having ANY hands-on experience, received one or more certifications, and still cannot find a job or have extreme difficulty meeting the demands of the job.

S T O P The Certification Propaganda! Tell Me the Truth! Stop propaganda!
Would you trust a dentist who just came through a 5-day "boot-camp" training in dentistry and has no real experience? Probably, not. For the same reason, would you trust an MCSE job applicant who just passed the tests after a similar "boot-camp" training but had no hands-on experience who will be working on your multi-million dollar network? Would you be comfortable with the odds of this candidate successfully working on your complex computer network?
Unfortunately, there are some real "horror" stories about MCSEs who have damaged corporate networks. It is usually a costly mistake to hire an inexperienced employee.

Do not fall in a trap of "certification heaven" if you just want to begin your way to the Information Technology world. The reality is that only hands-on experience can demonstrate your level of competence, and the certification merely serves as a formal proof of knowledge.

Chris Freyer, a software engineer and reader of Computing Careers, made very good points worth consideration. Speaking about the limitations of many of the standardized test-oriented certification exams, Chris wrote:
  1. A standardized test score reflects someone's aptitude or knowledge on a single day.
  2. Standardized tests don't reveal troubleshooting ability or overall systems knowledge (very important).
  3. Standardized tests don't force you to write code, which has obvious limitations.
  4. People can (and do) become certified without using the products they are certified in.
... A passing score on a certification exam shows some basic understanding and level of competence, but in an interview situation, I know I would still expect questions requiring me to demonstrate some hands-on technical skill and to discuss real projects and experience I have had using the technology. (from the Bill Day's article)

 Still not convinced? Print out these articles for later reading:

 Choosing the right Training Center - My "10 Wishes List":

 Choosing the right training center for your professional courses can play a significant role in your subsequent success or failure, regardless of whether your goal is to increase your knowledge of a particular product or to change careers. Before making a decision to enroll in a training program, write a "Wish List" similar to this; it would help you in evaluating the training company (see right column).
Computer Careers for Yound Adults and Career Changers

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My "10 Wishes List"

  1. I need career training with a credible company where the program and the policies are certified by the authorities.

  2. I want to be treated not as "another student in line" but as an individual who needs assistance in reaching certain career goals.

  3. I need a training program that is designed to allow me enough time for studying, practicing, asking questions, and doing homework.

  4. I need a training program that is loaded with real-world examples, tips, and multiple hands-on labs.

  5. I need a training program that is designed to deliver knowledge without interrupting my job schedule or lifestyle.

  6. I want instructors who are not the full-time employees but rather, experts in the specific areas who can share their real-world experience with me. I want to talk to my potential instructor before enrollment.

  7. I want my training to be affordable. I also need a convenient payment plan or financing options with a money refund policy.

  8. I want to have the test preparation software and training materials if I decide to pass the certification exams.

  9. I want to have post-training technical support after I start my first IT job as well as an opportunity to re-take the classes for free.

  10. I want ... something extra for free? :-)

 Hey, it's a good list!
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