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 What are the "hottest" skills?
Ask Jane! All of the critical skills that you will receive after enrolling in our program are the "hottest" in today's highly competitive and fast-paced job market. Furthermore, they are extremely fascinating and gratifying. You have a unique chance to claim a more prestigious job by positioning yourself on the leading edge of the Internet revolution. We strongly encourage you to explore in-depth the newest media of the 21-st century -- the Internet --so that you, too, can be among the professionals who is redesigning and enriching the future.

The Internet created demand for many new jobs. As it grows, the need for trained professionals will continue to rise as well. There are three areas in particular that will be (and are!) in enormous demand despite the temporary slum in the economy:

Web Design and Development
The Internet is now an integral part of the everyday lives of a majority of Americans, whether at home, at work or in both locales. In less than a decade, it has been transformed from a technological curiosity to the place millions of Americans shop every day, to a place they go for news, information and communication and to a place for both entertainment and serious business.

The Internet offers incredible diversity of information. After all, finding the information easily and being able to deliver up-to-date information are two of the greatest strengths of the Internet. The Internet became a new media (just like TV was over 50 years ago) that will never disappear from our lives despite some skeptics' opinion.

Many of the "dot-com" companies that are disappearing all seem to have a common theme: poor business models. The market continues to reward strong Internet services-related companies that have positive cash flow, strong management, and a business strategy that makes sense and is executable.

From the Article "The commons of the tragedy: How the Internet was used by millions after the terror attacks...":
...As e-newsletter writer David Weinberger wrote on September 27: "Now, for the first time, the nation and the world could talk with itself, doing what humans do when the innocent suffer: cry, comfort, inform, and, most important, tell the story together." Could it be possible without the Internet?

The demand for qualified engineers is high and will grow more in coming years. The growing demand for professionals who can design, implement, and maintain the informational and commercial web sites is proportional to a growing demand for high-quality Internet services. Obviously, the qualification requirements are growing too, reflecting the need for a broad set of Internet-related job skills, knowledge of various tools, and specifics of business.

Computer Networking
In today's corporate world one of the most fundamental tools is the information network that professionals use every day. A network -- the communication backbone for virtually every organization -- connects computer users, applications and data across geographical boundaries. The demands on networking systems and the people who manage them become continually more complex. A LAN (Local Area Network) is a high-speed communications system designed to link computers and other data processing devices together within a small geographic area such as a workgroup, department, or a single floor of a multi-story building. The rise of so-called "cloud computing" is a new wave of future of networking. There is a high demand in the IT professionals who are experienced in this technology.

LANs have become popular because they allow users to share vital computing resources electronically, including the hardware such as printers, multi-functional devices (scanner/fax/printer/copier), the hard drives, application programs and, most importantly, the information the users need to do their jobs. Todays LANs and LAN internetworks are powerful, flexible, and easy to use, but they incorporate many sophisticated technologies and services that must work together flawlessly.

The rapid spread of networking technology combined with the ever-increasing complexity of new networking challenges has produced tremendous career opportunities for people with the skills needed to deploy, maintain, and update organizations' networking resources.

Because the field of Information Technology changes constantly as new technologies emerge in operating systems, computer applications, networking and communications, database systems, and the Internet, the need for such people has boomed in the past ten years, and now exists in virtually every segment of business, education, and government.

Information Security
Security is one of the fastest-growing areas in the industry. Protection of information is on the top of everyone's mind in all types of business, especially when you consider the expansive development of the Internet, the increase in e-business and the escalating threat to corporate networks. Companies have a need to keep information secure, and there is an ever-growing demand for the IT professionals who do it.

Security analysts protect the integrity of an organization's data, applications, servers and configurations that provide access to the network and computers. The need for heightened security is leading to new technology, such as smart cards, PKI (public key infrastructure), biometrics and digital signatures. And information security will only become more important.

This essential need for security in IT is undisputed. Today's computing is not possible without strong security protection from inside and outside computer hackers. You will be on the leading edge of computing!

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